Whittier Law School Fellows share reflections on their summer with LASOC

At the beginning of the summer, the Legal Aid Society of Orange County (LASOC) welcomed a group of Fellows from Whittier Law School. After spending several months working at LASOC’s Legal Resolutions Center, our Fellows share their reflections on what they gained from this experience.

Jenna Elhaj_ps_332x300Jenna Elhaj

“The most enjoyable aspect of my Fellowship with LASOC was working for and learning from my superiors. Their initiation of several programs and clinics gives clients and Fellows a chance to work together.

This willingness to allow Fellows to engage one-on-one with clients and to work independently benefits both the future attorney as well as the program. Further, their dedication, creativity, and inclination to teach others are the foundation of the success of the Fellowship program.”


IMG_1358_ps_332x300Joann Ko

“Working at LASOC was an amazing experience. There is so much going on and so much to learn. Initially, it was overwhelming to handle all sort of cases and understand what happens during each clinic. As time progressed, I was able to understand how each clinic works and what and when to expect them.

Everyone at LASOC, whether staff or volunteer, attorney or student, is very dedicated and willing to share their knowledge and experience. Scott’s dedication has never failed to inspire me. He encourages me to go beyond my comfort zone and is always there to provide the support and motivation. As for Bill, he always finds time out of his busy schedule to provide us with the trainings we need. Mark, on the other hand, is someone I know I can always go to for help. He is extremely patient, well-organized, and very generous in sharing his knowledge. As for Connie, she never fails to surprise me with her energy level and expertise in her work. It has been a rewarding experience working with everyone at LASOC. It is also an interesting experience getting to meet and work with other volunteers at LASOC.

Throughout my time at LASOC, I always look forward to attending the weekly family law case review and civil case review. I enjoyed observing the LEAP attorneys discuss problems they encountered in their cases during the case reviews. It is fascinating to see mentors like Doug and Commissioner Vogl, as well as other volunteer attorneys, generously share their decades of experience with the LEAP attorneys and volunteers. I feel fortunate to be a part of the team where everyone helps each other to become a better legal professional.

Working at LASOC has been a great experience. I am grateful for this invaluable experience that LASOC and Whitter Law School provided. I thank everyone at LASOC for making my Fellowship here memorable and fulfilling. ”


Summer Alannouf_332x300Summer Alannouf

“I enjoyed the company of the amazing ladies and the interaction with so many different attorneys. I enjoyed listening to them talking about their experience and interactions with clients. I also enjoyed interacting with clients that came in for different reasons not only family law.

I worked on many cases that were all unique. The one that I feel so proud of working on is a complicated dissolution case that lasted forever before finally the client got her divorce. I wanted so badly to finish this case before my Fellowship was over, and I did. We were able to get for the client more than she expected and more than she asked for. She was so happy, and she wrote us a letter of appreciation.

I learned more than I expected to learn. I drafted documents that I never drafted before. I had hands on experience that I can’t place a value on.

I truly believe that every law student, bar waiter, and lawyer should take advantage of the opportunities LASOC provides. Being a law graduate is not same as being an attorney. We think we are ready to practice law once we pass the bar, but the fact is that we are not until we get some experience and practice. LASOC is the perfect place to gain such experience. I would like to thank everyone there for being amazing and helpful.”