A Life of Service: Volunteer Spotlight on Client Board Member Lucinda Horne

Lucinda Horne, LASOC's longest serving Client Board Member, celebrates 42 years with LASOC.
Lucinda Horne is LASOC’s longest serving Client Board Member 

This month’s Spotlight features a very special volunteer: Lucinda Horne, our longest serving Client Board Member. Fun fact: Lucinda served on the committee to hire Bob Cohen, who has been our Executive Director for the past 36 years!

A Santa Ana native for over 50 years, Lucinda possesses a deep understanding of the issues, concerns, and needs of her community, making her one of the strongest advocates and voices on the Board when it comes to representing LASOC’s client community.

“Lucinda was already a client mainstay on the LASOC Board of Directors when I arrived in the 1980s,” says current LASOC Board President, R. Thomas Peterson. “She actually taught me the ropes on how client members could best serve the Board and how valuable clients’ input could be to the entire process. She has the history of the program in mind, the goal of the program to do better for its clients, and the necessary wisdom to see through program problems to find solutions.”

During her 42 year tenure on the Board, Lucinda played a significant role in diversifying LASOC materials for Orange County’s increasingly diverse community. She was also a strong advocate for expanding LASOC’s services to Norwalk and Compton, which to this day, are still part of LASOC’s service areas.

When asked what accomplishment she is most proud of, Lucinda said her greatest pride was being asked to train Client Board Members throughout the state of California. “I went to just about every program in the state and trained volunteers,” she beams, “I’ve made sure that each program represented clients and not just lawyers.”

Lucinda’s impact in the community transcends her work with LASOC. Most of her life has been dedicated to aiding and advocating for the community. Her long history of service includes spending 15 years working at the Department of Social Services for the Orange County Guardianship Unit, serving on the First Commission of the State Bar Trust Fund, being the first African American woman picked to serve on the 1991-1992 Orange County Grand Jury, and serving on the boards and committees of the American Red Cross, the American Cancer Society, the Legal Association of California, the Council of Affiliated Negro Organizations, and the California State Bar Commissioner.

A humble woman, Lucinda attributes her 40 year legacy to those who supported her throughout the years. “I’m 83 years old,” she says. “And I’ll be leaving soon. I am so thankful to the other directors of the other programs who have been so encouraging of me. I’ve never had a chance to tell them and thank them for the help they gave me that they probably didn’t know they gave me.”

Lucinda has eight children, 33 grandchildren, and 32 great grandchildren, all which live within 40 miles of her house. “Everyone knows my children and my grandchildren,” she chuckles.

We are grateful for Lucinda who has, without a doubt, made a profound impact in our community. For more information on how to support LASOC and its mission, contact give@legal-aid.com