Deb Rodriguez — From Intern to Board Member

As an intern in 1992, I was struck by the energy of what was happening at LASOC-CLS.  It was an exciting time as our executive director at the time, Bob Cohen (ret.), began visioning new ideas about how to reach and help more people in our service area.  When I returned as a board member in 2000, I saw that what had started as ideas had become tangible and implemented through the use of technology, which was a cutting edge solution in legal services at that time.

What I find so stimulating and what keeps me engaged as a board member after 18 years, is that LASOC-CLS today, as it was then, is still looking for ways to remain relevant, nimble and better able to serve our community.  I strongly believe in LASOC-CLS’ mission and, as someone who started as an intern, I have had on-the-ground experience and have seen the difference our work makes in the lives of our clients.

Photo by Bradford Rogne Photography

The expansion of our immigration work with attorneys dedicated to the practice and the hiring of our first director of pro bono (which will grow our relationships with the private bar and our ability to serve clients) are all recent developments in our firm under new leadership.  With our new executive director Kate Marr, we have a new energy, vision and enthusiasm and have embarked into a new era in the life of our firm.  I look forward to seeing where she will take us!