Free Online Dispute Resolution Available for Orange County Small Claims Cases

Santa Ana, CA-   The Legal Aid Society of Orange County has created an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) system for Small Claims cases filed in the Orange County Superior Court.  The system was developed in collaboration with the Court and funded by a grant from the Legal Services Corporation.  It is a free, convenient way for parties to resolve a Small Claims dispute online before trial.  The service became available June 30, 2018 at

Using the website, the parties in a Small Claims case can request the assistance of a neutral ODR Facilitator to help resolve their dispute, upload evidence and communicate.  ODR Facilitators are qualified and experienced mediators from Waymakers, which provides mediation services for Small Claims cases heard in the Orange County Superior Court.  Settlement agreements and dismissals can be e-filed with the Court through the website.

ODR is convenient and can save time and money.  Negotiations are voluntary and confidential.  The parties can resolve the dispute earlier in the process on their own terms, avoid going to court, and avoid a judgment.

Either party can initiate the ODR process.  To use the ODR system, parties must have an existing Small Claims case filed in the Orange County Superior Court and have regular access to the internet.

To get started, or for more information go to or contact the Orange County Small Claims Advisory Program (714) 571-5277, or (800) 963-7717.