Free Workshops

We offer workshops covering the following topics, please call our Hotline at 800-834-5001 to register.

  • Housing Law

    Have you been served with an eviction notice? Our Unlawful Detainer (UD) Workshops provide self-represented litigants with an overview of the eviction process and assistance in completing responsive pleadings.  

  • Safety & Protection Law

    Limited Conservatorship Workshops are provided for families that may be looking to support an adult with developmental disabilities and are taught in both English and Spanish.  These workshops provide a general overview of limited conservatorships, explain the pleadings and filings necessary, and explain how to complete forms and address common problems. These workshops are held once a month at the Central Justice Center in Santa Ana 

  • Elder Abuse Workshop

    This workshop, provided for adults 65 or older or dependent adults between the ages of 18 and 64, helps with restraining orders, case evaluation, preparation of legal documents, advice, and counsel and, if needed, court representation. Elder abuse workshops are hosted two days a week at the Central Justice Center in Santa Ana in partnership with the court, O’Melveny & Myers, and UC Irvine law students.

  • Debt Collection/Debt Relief Workshop

    The workshop provides information and assists litigants who have questions about debt collection practices, litigants who have been sued in court on a debt collection issue, and litigants who have had a debt collection judgment entered against them. Eligible clients needing assistance with discovery are referred to the Norwalk office for further assistance; clients seeking mediation are referred to the Los Angeles County Department of Consumer and Business Affairs. 

  • Estate Accounting Workshop

    The workshop provides self-represented litigants with important information about estate accounting requirements of the law in conservatorships of the estate, probates of the estate, and guardianship of the estate cases. Estate Accounting Workshops are held once a month at the Central Justice Center in Santa Ana. 

  • Small Claims Workshop

    Led by a Small Claims advisor, self-represented litigants learn how to prepare a case (Friday mornings) and how to collect a judgment (Tuesday afternoons). These workshops are free and open to the public at our Santa Ana office location (first-come, first served basis).