LASOC helps college student win debt case


Carla,* a first generation American was being sued by the company who bought her and her brother’s student loan. Though Carla would have qualified for subsidized federal student loans, her family was unfamiliar with funding options for higher education, so she took out private loans to cover both her and her brother’s tuition.

After paying off nearly 40% of her loan in just a few years, two devastating events happened: Carla was laid off from her job and her brother got deported. As a co-signer on her brother’s loan, Carla was left responsible with both of their student loan debts. Unsure of what to do, Carla reached out to the Legal Aid Society of Orange County for help. Here is her story:


I cannot be more appreciative to the Legal Aid Society of Orange County. They have truly helped change my life for the better. When I first contacted Legal Aid, I had so much anxiety; I was constantly stressed about my situation and didn’t really see a light at the end of the tunnel.


At the time I was being sued by the company that bought my student loan debt. I had tried several times to work out a payment plan with the company to no avail. I was being sued for my student loan and my brother’s student loan which I had co-signed on. I tried to explain to them that my brother had been deported to Colombia and he could no longer make the payments. I stopped making payments after several attempts to have them help me consolidate the two loans and lower the monthly payment. Finally the company served me and I had no clue what to do.


That’s when I contacted Legal Aid and met with two attorneys. They both showed so much interest in my case from the very beginning. Throughout the entire process they went above and beyond to assist me with my student loan case. Anytime I needed to come in and speak to them about something I didn’t understand, they both made time. I am so grateful they were there to work on my case because they genuinely seemed to care not just about winning the case but about my wellbeing.


Thanks to their hard work, they were able to win my case for me. It is still somewhat of a shock. I at least was hoping to settle; I never imagined that I would actually win the case. I can’t thank them enough. My only wish is that I could have compensated them for their time and effort so the least I could do is let them and Legal Aid know how much they are appreciated and valued.


I now feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and the future seems bright. Thank you for everything. I hope to repay the favor one day, whether it is through donating or spreading the word about Legal Aid’s amazing work.


Since 1958, LASOC has provided legal aid services to our communities most vulnerable populations. Please consider supporting our organization through a donation so we may continue to help individuals like Carla.




*Name has been changed to protect identity