LASOC helps single mother in a five year divorce battle


After three years of trying unsuccessfully to get a divorce, single mother Theresa* thought her situation was hopeless. Struggling to make ends meet to support her son, and unable to afford a lawyer, Theresa almost gave up;that was until she found us in 2014. Here is Theresa’s story:

I cannot express my gratitude and happiness enough to everyone who helped me with my case (pretty much everyone that works there [at the Legal Aid Society of Orange County]).


I have been trying to get divorced since 2011. I worked on my divorce by myself and  I wasn’t able to file completely because I couldn’t get the paperwork correct and I couldn’t afford a lawyer. I was frustrated and hopeless.


I found the Legal Aid Society online in 2014, and they set up an appointment right away to see me. We worked on a strategy based on what I wanted, not what was easier to finish the case.


I understand that most of the lawyers are volunteering at the Legal Aid Society and the fact that they gave me the time, patience, and respect was so unexpected and I am forever indebted to you. They always communicated in a way I could understand. They communicated clearly to me what the outcome would be and how I could get what I was asking for.


Over the course of a year, they dedicated a lot of time and patience to my case. They went to file documents and were on top of my case at all times and came to court with me every time I had a court date. And as frustrating and tedious my case was to all of us, I never felt alone with the Legal Aid Society.


Going into court on May 6th, I was very nervous…I thought that what I was asking for was not going to happen. My attorney calmed me and was so positive that I forgot my worries and got even more than I asked for.


I had tears of joy when we left because all these years I had been struggling and trying to make ends meet without any help from my son’s father, and now I can breathe.


I had finally felt hopeful during a time when everything in my life was falling apart. I cannot thank all of the Legal Aid Society enough!”

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*Name has been changed to protect identity