Volunteer Spotlight: Jeffry Johnson

We appreciate our volunteers for all that they do, and are excited to share the ways they give back and make our communities stronger! Jeffrey Johnson volunteered with LASOC for over 4 years and has made a tremendous impact through strong leadership and a drive to help others.

After serving 29 years as an officer of the Long Beach Police Department (LBPD) and retiring as Commander, Johnson began volunteering at LASOC in 2011. He obtained his law degree by taking night classes during his time as an officer. With his degree in law and his expertise gained from years of service, he was able to pass on his knowledge to other staff attorneys, new attorneys, and law students during his time at LASOC.

His experience allowed him to assist LASOC beyond a single department. He volunteered his time helping clients with cases while providing advice for LASOC staff and law students. Last year, LASOC founded an incubator known as the Lawyer Entrepreneur Assistance Program (LEAP) where new attorneys gain experience by representing clients in court. Johnson spent time mentoring the law students and new attorneys.

He became a guide for many in their first court appearances, helping them during their legal process. As a pro bono attorney, Johnson worked and supervised in the LASOC hotline, providing direct advice in nearly 3,200 cases. The cases ranged from domestic violence, collections, eviction, divorce, bankruptcy, and subsidized housing. Using his experience from his time in the force, he led trainings for lawyers on reports and documents maintained by the police department. Johnson took time to have his training sessions recorded and posted on the LASOC YouTube channel for other pro bono volunteers and the public to be informed on. Even as a retired officer, Mr. Johnson continues to promote public awareness of the police department’s desire to maintain a safe community while ensuring the public understood their rights. His expert advice was applied during the design of LASOC ‘s security protocols. Johnson’s character is seen in his passion to help clients and staff members as well as his desire to create a safe environment within LASOC.

LASOC is grateful to have volunteers like Mr. Johnson who are passionate and devoted towards helping low-income individuals access critical legal services. His devotion to making a difference is truly inspiring, and his commitment to serving the community affirms LASOC’s mission of promoting equal access to the justice system for all.

If you are interested in volunteering your time contact give@legal-aid today!